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Can a woman rape a man and why does it matter?

Is there a fear that a mental health professional will be unable to justify such surgery? The idea that western scholars are doomed to replicating colonial attitudes when they study cultures other than their own will lead only to increased provinciality.

Women want sex Elliston

Philosophy and Sex [Elliston, Frederick] on *FREE* Philosophy and Sex Paperback – June 1, I'd like to read this book on Kindle. Women who have cliteridectomies and other "genital mutilations" have no say in such "surgery. I find it just as patronizing for folks to say "How horrible of us westernizers to emphasize this!

Much of what I study has to do with things like discrimination, persecutions, torture and other practices in which common people are the vic- tims. If, as bell hooks writes, a feminist opposes all forms of domination, then we must be careful as feminists not to dominate each other with name-calling and vindictive attacks on each others' attempts to understand and define self and other. Joan R.

Women want sex Elliston

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Monday 3/18 | philosophy

Too much western feminist work on this topic falls into the traps Mohanty has identified, creating a totalizing category of "third world woman" and then treating such women as objects of study and of pityrather than as subjects of their own lives. First timers welcomed. No, it isn't that we are extreme cultural relativists and believe that any culture's traditions or beliefs should necessarily be treated as sacred.

One, of FGM, was packed with people standing in the back, the other, of poverty and economics, had five dispersed people in a huge auditorium.

Feminism and promiscuity in: sex, love, and friendship

Marilyn's suggestion that these issues cross state and culture lines is a good one. My Ann Garry, "Pornography and Respect for Women," in Baker and Elliston, eds., p. To deny sisters support is criminal: whether it be rape, murder or mutilation in the private or public sphere war crimes or hate crimes or "passion" crimes we should be there.

Women want sex Elliston

This, in my opinion, is the key; this is what connects us in our activisms, stances, questions, methods, forms of communication and dissemination. Ruby Rohrlich rohrlich gwis2. Infibulation was practiced by Early Romans both on animals and on females.

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And what of the variety of services provided to infants: intersex sex asment surgeries, for example, the surgical 'correction' of 'ambiguous' genitals? Le Bret: Si tu laissais un peu ton ame mousquetaire, la fortune et la gloire Potuchek Women's Studies, Gettysburg College jpotuche gettysburg. I ask this in the context of the spread of anti-female religious cultures -- in the context of what is happening in Afghanistan right now -- Islam as a religion is not necessarily anti-female; it is the type of Islam that has been adopted in some countries that is, and the adoption was for specific cultural reasons.

Women want sex Elliston

Let me go back to the post that started all of this. These more educated women often view clitoridectomy and homosexual behaviour among women as equally horrific.

Women want sex Elliston

At the same time I was, as Vera Britto pointed out, trying to call attention to the politics behind the choice -- of academics as well as American media -- to highlight FGM as a particularly barbarous practice: what reesults from this is willful ignorance of practices in which Americans engage and about which we know much more, as well as the primitivization of African women. What we do have is plenty of "anecdotal" evidence that girls who have had their clitorises cut without their consent grow up with feelings of shame, freakishness, depression, and are often unable qant achieve orgasm.

Women want sex Elliston

Featuring essays on adultery, monogamy, perversion, homosexuality, pederasty, sex without love, sexual equality and more, Philosophy and Sex retains its. Are there benefits associated with it?

Women want sex Elliston

Is there a fear that, given deep reflection and thorough analysis of the situation, we will have to recognize that the surgery actually creates feelings of shame and confusion it claims to alleviate? Here I completely disagree. The responses made completely unwarranted assumptions as ses later post revealled that the person doing the study had to be a westerner it turned out to be an Ethiopian outside the cultures involved and approaching this as feminist activism she had done a senior thesis on the practice, not a tract for political action.

feminists want to abolish discriminatory criminal statutes that are mostly used to subordination of women should seek to discourage commercial sex. Western feminists who have been told by African feminists to mind their own business on these issues often completely understand the reasons for this -- too many of us just don't get it.

Philosophy of sexuality

It's been a while since I've seen the film, but if memory serves me, all three of the mothers have had clitoridectomies. I'm a 'white' US citizen and academic living in South Africa and working among Zulu women sinceand before that in Lesotho on a Fulbright, working among Basotho womensx that at Smith College for some years.

Full bellies breed our shock. Looking for Ellisron single lady who wants to be in a relationship swingers clubs Derby Vermont Wives want real sex Sumner This isnt easy to do I no there seems to b a lot of bickering bak n forth about who is wannt, who is legitand sumone who flags n talks about everyone tht being said I would rather discuss my problem one on one, I'm going thru enuff and dnt srx to b judged on top of all of it Are you MARRIED? I was refusing to enter into an evalution of the Good, the Bad or the Ugly with respect to FGM by arguing that Western feminist liberal assumptions about our own 'free will' and liberty have thus far made it impossible for U.

I agree completely with Rosie. Our culture? Let me give an example. Interestingly, as Welsh documents, the young woman she photographed was told "scolded" to stop screaming, and that the mutilation didn't hurt.

Female genital mutilation

Along those lines -- I read recently do not know if this is so that in the Sudan, the practice dates back to what westerners call the late medieval period. It was a request for suggested sources on the historical origins of a particular Ellistoj. But what cultural relativism does demand of us is that we try to gain as deep and full an understanding of a custom and its place within the cultural tradition in which it is embedded as possible, and then, if we make a moral judgment about it, we do so by considering it critically in a larger context than the norms of our own culture.

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