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Being stalked by Baurus Discuss the uesp. A place to discuss and ask questions about the fourth part of The Elder Scrolls series and its expansions Being stalked by Baurus Mon Apr 19, pm As part of the main quest, I got a book from a fellow at the First Edition and then saved the game. I tried doing staljing next part of the quest, where Baurus and I fight some Mythic Dawn warriors in the sewers, and decided I needed to be stronger to pull it off. So I restored my game and went off to do some other tasks.

Talk to someone "The most important thing is to tell someone. Record what's happening "Keep a log of any events or contact, any evidence you might have.

Uhh, why is hadvar stalking me? - the elder scrolls v: skyrim

In black and white it re like this: "[Stalking is] a course of conduct, it may then cause ificant alarm, harassment or distress to the victim. You rich piles of dung walking by us like we're not there! There's some article which says how many you can have, you can like have a traveling circus if you want.

That helps other people actively keep you safe as well. The case is as followed.

Who is terle and why is he stalking me in the promenade? | boards o' magick - the stuff of legends, right boo?

I was dreading starting over. Thieves guild quest line and the one where that one guy Brynjolf hou you send to jail. Call the police "If at any point somebody feels unsafe for any reason they need to be calling So I restored my game and went off to do some other tasks. I got stalked by people because they wanted to say something to me to a quest, but there's was a bug that they didn't say until i asked them, so they just were. Since when is it allowed by blizzard to get stalked in-game.

Why are you stalking me

It says you get the too many messages after 8 but you can still keep collecting. Re: Being stalked by Baurus Tue Apr 20, am I believe the limit is nine followers before the game tells you that you have too many. It was very busy in the evening there and a random guy claimed he was doing the same quest and I stole hes golem… which I did not, because I already completed the quest.

They don't let people post pictures of them or check them in to places, for example. But now Baurus keeps popping up and asking me what I've learned. We want the police to be on board in these situations and on board as early as possible. Being stalked by Baurus Discuss the uesp. We know that the sooner there's some kind of formal intervention the sooner it's likely to stop. But of course there is little reason to do this other than comedy.

Why you stalking me quest

kandanos.eu › PC › Role-Playing › Western-Style. If you want to do some extra training before going to the sewers, find him in the Imperial City and tell him what you've found.

Stalking: don't confuse the s with love - one love foundation

Even had a guy at the spirit resser. Then he'll go to the Elven Gardens sewer entrance and wait there forever until you follow him.

Why you stalking me quest

Jump to:. She's spoken about the impact it's had on her and her quset. We know that stalkers don't generally stop on their own. It helps victims themselves understand there's a pattern of behaviour. Re: Being stalked by Baurus Tue Apr 20, am That's a common thing every follower does during their relevant quest.

Even pulling everthing like guards and then feign death so I get aggro and dies… and this continues until today.

Count hassildor is stalking me?

Stalking thrives on secrecy - if nobody knows what's going on that gives the stalker the opportunity to keep on going. I say to tell him in the city because he becomes non-essential after you tell him. Whereas if people know they can do things to Whj you safe and they can take power away from the stalker. Vary your routine "Talk to schools, places of work, colleges - make sure people are aware there may be a problem.

Why you stalking me quest

Next day, same story, same people that stalked me, but they left other people out of the combat rage, it was only focused on me. Re: Being stalked by Baurus Mon Apr 19, pm He's scripted to follow you everywhere once you get the book.

Uhh, why is hadvar stalking me?

While a majority of these victims are women, men face high rates too and the impact of stalking can be devastating. Others will do the same. So I had stalkinh log off. The legal WWhy of stalking is unusual as it relies on the effect it has on a victim to decide whether or not a crime has been committed. Even with WM off, they keep following me, because the horde lowbie that stated I stole hes mob is checking in which zone I am.

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So far the story… The next day I recieved 3 in-game mails where he stated that I was wrong in everything and I stole hes mob or my group did… I was not in a group nor did I steal hes mob. Does anyone stwlking how I can get rid of him without killing him or having to restart the game? Every evening for atleast 3 a 4 hours.

Why you stalking me quest

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