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Note that in the Navy, many ships and units have nicknames; these are listed separately, in Appendix:Glossary of U. Submarine Force. Description of a lax or lazy sailor on a submarine. Submarine Force Description of a crewmember who does not carry his weight. Used to convey that the time is when people are usually asleep. It is not a reference to any particular time.

Apocryphally, a show in which women have sex with dogs and ponies: Sailors may claim to have witnessed such shows in Dictionarry or the Philippines.

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Deck: Floor. Back. As a noun the said card. One bell corresponds to 30 minutes past the hour. Telling the LPO Teneer going up to the calibration shop for awhile but head up to the roach coach instead? Bilge Turd: Derogatory term for "Boiler Technician", typically from jealous Machinist Mates who wish they could be as badass as the now extinct Boiler Technicians were. Checks Five-Oh: Excellent, in proper working order.

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Cumshaw: The art of trading something that doesn't belong to you, to someone, for something that doesn't belong to them, not necessarily for personal gain, but to circumvent regular supply channels, or to obtain something not available through supply channels. Loading Top definition.

Tender urban dictionary

Bilge Juice: Non-sanctioned alcoholic beverage created while on long deployments by mixing yeast, water and sugar. Age difference of maybe years (i.e) Woman: Age 27 Tender Age 19 (2) One whose order at McDonald's would probably be Chicken Nuggets with an. Balls To The Wall: see Wiktionary's mainspace entry on the term " balls to the wall " Bandit: An aircraft which has been positively identified dicyionary hostile.

Tender urban dictionary

Whitney LCCas it rarely goes to sea. Ditch Wog: A sailor who has passed through the Suez canal or Panama canal, but has not become a shellback.

Glossary of procurement terms

money that is legally valid for the payment of debts and that must be accepted for that purpose when offered. you go to.

Tender urban dictionary

Indeed, as Uban somewhere remarks, the present Greeks of St. Dade, or Dadi, a father. A container usually zipper-closed for toilet articles such as soap, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, etc; especially for expeditionary sailors. George jobs: Nit-picking paperwork jobs given to George because no one else wants them. Divisions are sometimes divided into branches or work centers. Objections may also be raised against Gad, Maund, and many other of these parallels.

Rarely used.

Tender urban dictionary

Donut: A floating device used to store oily waste pumped out of the bilges in port. Could range from lovers reuniting, to the. Fruit Urbann Numerous ribbons on a dress uniform.

All Ahead Bendix: Attempt more than full speed ahead, e. Basically, they taught the PO2 exam for 6 months. The most enjoyable parts are the "roll calls" from each squadron, and the skits that two or three of the squadrons perform. Example: Chief Coffeedrinker: "Why did you do this? Captain's Asshole: The XO. Color Company is also given the honor of being the first company to Pass in Review if there is not a Hall of Fame Company that graduates Boot Camp at the same time.

Cum Dumpster: A shameless sycophant. Beer Day: On many navy ships, even in the present day, all hands are given 2 beers if they are underway without a port call for a given period of time — generally 45 days.

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Sturabin, a prison. See bulkhead remover. Some of them, however, still bear their old definitions, while others have adopted fresh meanings. Common overnight activity for ships underway.

Urban dictionary: tender

Battle Stations: A manning condition involving usually all hands. Compare to "dirtbag. Similar to the code for "bulkhead remover. Gator Navy: The part of the surface Navy that exclusively supports embarked Marines and amphibious operations.

Definition of tender

Several words are entirely obsolete. That's also a boondoggle. A "Royal Cunt Hair" is the finest unit of measure. legal tender. So named because they are so thick and hideous that one is guaranteed never to have sex while one is wearing them. Sometimes, engineering drills may cause the sub to go near test depth the depth the submarine has been tested to ; this may be caused by a delay in recovering the reactor, or many other reasons.

Couter, a sovereign, urbann shillings.

| erectile dysfunction urban dictionary sildenafil (oral) boost meaning in hindi | hlf heiss

The expression references the disciplinary action which could result in the fresh air of safety that would not be reached if the original order were carried out. -A scene in a television show, movie, or other form of dicctionary media usually denotd by a soft, down-tempo, piano solo.

To drop out of a voluntary program such as aviation or submarines. Burn verb : To smoke a cigarette.

Fast Cruise: Pretending to be underway while moored to a pier.

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