My wife cheated


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My wife cheated. Can I ever trust her again? Gail Saltz Q: My wife cheated, and I fear she will do it again. I love my wife dearly, but I am devastated.

(I won't say how I found out, but you'd tell me I shouldn't have done it.

My wife cheated on me, but she doesn’t know i know. do i have to bring it up?

The other is to truly examine the state of your marriage. The full stop is hard—especially when you have such strong feelings—but doing so is crucial to his well-being right now, and his ability to arrive at his own place of clarity in the long run. To some extent, you are unlikely to regain percent trust. This is where your own feelings come in. A few weeks ago, I discovered my wife cheated on me. While your friend is examining his feelings about the affair, you might find examining the intensity of your own feelings about it helpful.

How can I help?

My wife cheated

This is not to say you should become hyper-vigilant, constantly blaming and smothering her. The thinking goes: This is a no-brainer. Here​, Eric S. Gail Saltz.

I just found out my wife cheated on me

What happens when your wife cheats on you but you can't afford a divorce? It is not intended to provide an alternative to professional treatment or to replace the services of a physician, psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Dear Therapist is for informational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

For more information, you can visit her Web site. Everyone must actively protect their marriage. Another factor is sex. Now might be a good time to get curious about your own feelings around betrayal. explains his situation and the new normal it has. This means that your main job as his friend is to be a compassionate and nonjudgmental sounding board as he sorts through his own feelings.

My wife cheated on me (but i still love her) - what should i do?

Make efforts to communicate and have fun together, and keep your sex life cheatec. I am not blaming the victim here — fidelity is a choice — but there probably are things you can do to lessen the chance your wife will cheat again. In cases of infidelity, many people have a hard time supporting their friends like this, because righteous indignation gets in the way.

In fact, part of the way to prevent future affairs is to forgive but not forget. My wife cheated. Gail Saltz Q: My wife cheated, and I fear she will do it again. Always seek the advice of your physician, mental-health professional, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. All rights reserved. Were you growing distant and uncommunicative?

It means allowing him to have his own feelings, which include great love for his wife, despite the deep pain this betrayal has caused. Could a part of you want them to break up so that you can be with him? In addition, she must want to show you that you can trust her and demonstrate that she is keeping herself out of tempting situations.

My wife cheated

Figure out what was lacking. It means supporting his growth as he goes through his own process of rebuilding with her, and chetaed the two of them try to understand what the infidelity meant, where it came from, and where they might go from here. I love my wife dearly, but I am devastated. Your wife might have felt she needed some loving, and this man provided it when you were not. How should I handle this? PLEASE NOTE: The information in this column should not be construed as providing specific medical or psychological advice, but rather to offer readers information to better understand their lives and health.

Anonymous Dear Anonymous, You clearly care about your friend and have a lot of empathy for him.

If you were always at work or focusing on the kids or busy with other chated, your wife could have felt neglected. As you well know, your friend is going through a very turbulent time, and what he needs most is to be able to hear himself—not you—clearly. I had a suspicion.

She cheated? do i have to pay? in arizona

Can I ever trust her again? Your friend is going through a trauma, and what he needs right now is a friend he can trust with the full range of his emotions. Does something in your history hit home here? That said, your wife may have cheated for reasons that have to do with her and not with the marriage — for chewted, she is having a midlife crisis and wants other men to make her feel young and sexy.

Any wisdom would be welcome. A: The hardest part of getting past an affair is the regaining of trust.

My best friend's wife cheated on him - the atlantic

Full stop. One event, no matter how painful, is rarely as clear-cut as it seems. If you torture your wife with constant reminders of her guilt, this, too, will erode the marriage.

My wife cheated

If this were me, I would leave the marriage. Before I get into wifd investigative mode I'll talk a little about. I'll get straight to the point, my wife cheated on me — and I caught her red-​handed.

37 ½ (not so) obvious s your wife is cheating on you

Often, married couples let their sex life dwindle to nothing, so one partner or both will go looking elsewhere. But the problem with this way of thinking is twofold.

My wife cheated

Ultimately, this is a task for her, not for you. What makes it hard for you to see the shades of gray that your friend can cheatev, even in his pain?

Dear annie: i can’t seem to get over the fact that my wife cheated on me -

I have to save my friend from this selfish person. You should try to understand and help her with this, but if she refuses to acknowledge her motivation conscious or unconscious to cheat in the first place, then there is not much you can do.

wjfe Finally, you might also temper the intensity by considering that despite how affairs tend to be viewed in our culture, what goes on in a marriage is often nuanced and complex.

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