Looking for a hot dad


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Nnaji was the Pac freshman of the year after a season in which he averaged

Looking for a hot dad

Then again, his daughter is only 7, so he is only a borderline example. And damn, he still looks fine. His Lookibg flaw is, unfortunately, that he is a cheating loser whose unfaithful behavior cost him his marriage and his daughter's respect. Considering Chibi-Usait's very safe to say that Mamoru himself will become a Hot Dad once she's properly born in the future. Katsuya Honda, Tohru's dad, fulfills this trope, too, and Akito's dad Akira was so Lookking that he was described as having an "unearthly beauty".

Looking for a hot dad

Isshin Kurosaki. He's handsome, gentle, wise, knows his martial arts he has a dojo, after all Son Goku, Krillin and especially Vegeta have been worshiped as such amongst certain fangirl communities. The Miyazawa family's father, Takashi, in Kare Kano. Wild Tiger from Tiger and Bunny.

Looking for a hot dad

Even Artemis the cat is a Hot Shoujo Dad. Technically, Holland from Eureka Sevensince he and Talho end up expecting surprise! And that's even before we find out that he's also a pretty badass Soul Reaper on par with Ichigo himself, a fact he's forced to reveal to a few minor characters when he takes on the Hollow that killed his wife in order to protect Ichigo's Kon-inhabited body.

Lampshaded nicely by some female bystanders that see him walk around on the streets in a nice suit Not a widower, but the rest of the description more or less fits. With Winry as his Hot Mom companion.

People's 10 'most sexiest' d of & the 10 we think deserve a shout-out

"They are trying to find the research team to figure out where is my dad." Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! Sarah Macdougal's father Noriyasu Seta of Love Hina is lusted after by most of the female cast, not to mention being a gullible-kind hearted-handsome-genius-archeology professor-who is also a master of Jeet Kun Do Kung Fu definitely qualifies him for this trope. And as it turns out, he's not just Dr.

When in his White-Haired Pretty Boy human form, that is.

Looking for a hot dad

General Cross could fit here too, seeing how he "raised" Allen for five fof. Kalish said the bird is an adult male Saw-whet owl, one of the tiniest owls. Among those marking celebrating​.

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Also inverts the Overprotective Dadsince he has no problem winding her up and sending her out as a battle pawn. Search for your new favorite t-shirt today! He's also achieved Memetic Sex God status in the fandom. But still attractive by most standards. He's attractive, kind, loving, and amazingly understanding; has a lucrative job as a doctor; and, as an added bonus, is a retired rock star.

He probably avoided this list for so long because people often remember him for his shadowy, smiley-faced form, but Hotaru's father Doctor Shuichi Tomoe from Sailor Moon was actually something of a White-Haired Pretty Boy when all of the shadows were removed. Rudolf Ushiromiya has aged pretty well.

A 'hot costco dad' went viral after his son tweeted a video of him reacting to his first costco trip

There's also Daisuke's father Kosuke in D. More exactly, once he was debrainwashed and the true Big Bad was revealed. Specially in the Special games where his two kids show up in his intros and win poses and the Motion Picture where his also gorgeous wife appears too. Upgrade your style with Hot Dad t-shirts from Zazzle!

How to dress like a hot dad | gq

All of the male Digidestined become Hot D in the end. Sakura's [alternate universe counterpart's from "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle"] own husband later becomes this after they married, and their son still couldn't match Syaoran Sr's mature look after all his time in the story. Hell, one of the reason's Usagi likes Mamoru is because he reminds her of her father. Browse through different shirt styles and colors. Nnaji was the Pac freshman of the year after a season in which he averaged Hangelb Evin, Uso Evin's dad is also an example.

Are you a sexy dad?

In-story, he even has legions of fangirlsalthough most of them are unaware that he's a dad. Too bad he's been dead for years.

Looking for a hot dad

This year saw the ushering in of a particularly notable subset of humans celebrating the holiday: the hot, hpt dad. Also looks ludicrously young, when you consider that his daughter Tsugumi is at least ten years old. Hughes too. In Gold DiggerTheodore Diggers: father of three, grandfather, and all-around beefcake.

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Father in his final form. And considering the third season of the show, at age 53 Flit has moved into hot grandfather status.

Looking for a hot dad

He still makes women swoon well into his sixties, including his own hot wife Julia. And Hizashi Hyuuga, Neji's father. There's also Dr. He's also Badass enough to fight on the same level as Mega-level digimon with his bare hands. Nanjiroh Echizen would qualify as Hot Dad if he shaved his stubble and dressed more or less normally.

40 hot celebrity d who make fatherhood look so damn cool

Note that Minato died only a few hours after Naruto's birth so he may only be in his early 20s. While he's not actually Rosette's father merely her legal guardianFather Remington of Chrono Crusade could quite possibly fit this trope.

Looking for a hot dad

Although the show is definitely shounen, Max Jenius in Macross 7 is just as hot in his fifties as he was in teens—except that he's got even cooler shades and Hajime Saito-style Ahoge. However, some pictures taken few years before the second season took place when his son and current protagonist Asemu was a little kid show that he played the trope incredibly straight.

Hikaru's and Kaoru's father is quite attractive, too and married to a Hot Mom He's generally a good guy too despite being very emotional and friends with Genma. Ishida Ryuukenwho looks more like Uryuu's older brother than his father.

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