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By Jayna Taylor-Smith Aug. I could make a list of all the reasons why, but today, we're going to talk about having a strictly platonic female best friend.

You already like his personality, he's located conveniently near to you, and he has genitals and everything! And even if all that judgment doesn't bother you personally, you still have to deal with the weird hang-ups of your other friends, your family, and even science.

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I'm not saying we deserve a medal for dealing with the pressure of everyone's suspicions and expectations and still managing to maintain kick-ass friendships in the process, but Maybe you guys could learn to be attracted to each other, the way your grandma keeps telling you. Girlfriends get jealous Without a doubt, any girlfriend is bound to turn into a little green-eyed monster every now and then.

So, go ahead and blast Spice Girls because your female best friend will probably be right behind you, singing along. Female advice Who is better to give female advice than a woman? Is that why everyone assumes that you're dating? Trying to do both at the same time?

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And no matter what happens, women with male best friends aren't pulling some kind of sexual long con. No one hears more about how guys are "all animals" than a woman with a male best friend.

Sure, men have guy friends they can talk to, but what do they really know? By Gabrielle Moss Oct.

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But for whatever reason, I've typically also had more close male friends than the average lady. Whatever weird or silly thing that helps you pass time or cheers you up, you know you can always be yourself around her.

Looking for a female bestie

But even when nothing sexual has ever happened between you and your male BFF. Does love have to sweep you off your feet?

The emotional fall-out from hooking up with your male BFF and having it not work out burns hotter than a thousand suns, and is more painful than a thousand awkward OkCupid dates. Over the course of two years, Scientific American covered one study that claimed that men and women can't be friends because men are disgusting horn-dog monsters, and one study that showed Loooking men and women can be friends.

Best friends want to see each other happy, so men undoubtedly can count on their female best friends to help them make the right decision when it comes to their romantic relationships. Typical friendship stuff.

42 unique best friend gifts that prove you know each other's soul

But this is your best friend we're talking about. By Jayna Taylor-Smith Aug.

Looking for a female bestie

Soon, they realize they have nothing to worry about. Trying to inflate your ego by being the " cool girl "? What are you waiting for?!

Looking for a female bestie

When you're a woman with a male best friend, people think that you're up to something. I don't mean that in some gross, off-putting "I don't get along with other women because I am way too sexxxy" kind of way — most of my friends do happen to be women.

Looking for a female bestie

Half the population can't be friends with each other? They can't quite agree on what it is — are you trying to get laid? And eventually, everyone moves on. I could make a list of all the reasons why, but today, we're going to talk about feamle a strictly platonic female best friend. Some may make it into a big ordeal, while others know how to casually bring up the topic.

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And yes, sometimes, male BFFs do end up becoming something more. There are new psychological studies conducted seemingly every year devoted to picking apart the extremely pressing question of whether men and women can be friends, even though they never seem to come to bestle concrete answers. Here are the reasons why it can be so much better than having a girlfriend: 1. Either way, jealousy is not something men want to deal with. In her thought-provoking, uproarious memoir, Bertsche blends the story of her girl​-dates (whom she meets everywhere from improv class to friend rental websites)​.

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But often times, they don't. 42 Unique Best Friend Gifts That Prove You Know Each Other's Soul the crafty friend looking for any excuse to DIY, the one who believes. But it can be really exhausting to spend so much time correcting people's perceptions and answering their super invasive questions. Sure, male best friends will try to make you feel better by distracting you with hours of Xbox, but a female best friend will actually listen to how you're feeling without judgement.

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She actually cares All guys have that one best friend they have a bromance with. Here are 34 things only we women with male best friends truly understand. So you can't really be annoyed with them Correct answer: no one. kandanos.eu › MWF-Seeking-BFF-Yearlong-Search.

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