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Women will never be the equals of men until they have bald spots on top of their heads and still think they're handsome. Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men; the others are followers of women.

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When money talks, some women don't miss a word. Women keep buying more and more clothes, and keep wearing them less and less. Sydney Smith As the French say, there are three sexes,-men, women, and clergymen. Algunas mujeres son tan profundas como el océano y tan llenas de habilidades. Smart men are smarter than they look; smart women look smarter than they are.

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Isaac Babel Both of us looked on the world as a meadow in May -a meadow traversed by women and horses. The Bible Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Powerful women only succeed in spite of their husbands. No wonder women live longer than menlook how long they remain girls. Educated women make the best wives: they may not be good cooks but they find more ways to explain why dinner isn't ready.

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Disraeli Nuestro clima nublado, y nuestras mujeres heladas. George Eliot Plain women he regarded as he did the other severe facts of life, to be faced with philosophy and investigated by science. Para las mujeres, el amor es una ocupación; Para los hombres, una preocupación. Women talk more than men because woman's work is never dumb. Isaac Babel Both of us looked on the world as a meadow in May -a meadow traversed by women and horses. Hermann A. Why do women think they get wiser with the years, but not older? No escojas a las mujeres o los caballos a la luz de las velas. Very few women shine in business--at least, not while they have their powder compacts handy.

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They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. La igualdad en la remuneración se encuentra fijada en el art. La razón por la cual las mujeres se desagradan unas a otras son los hombres. The trouble with men is that they're too much alike, and the trouble with women is that they aren't. Cuando una mujer porta un nuevo abrigo de piel, difícilmente puede confiar hasta que el hombre que le gusta y la mujer que le desagrada la vean con él. George B. Las mujeres hablan entre ellos acerca de otras personas; Los hombres hablan a otras personas acerca de sí mismos. Todas las mujeres son diferentes antes del matrimonio, después del cual ellas son todas iguales. Es nuestro derecho así como nuestro adeudar.

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